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Friday, 3 August 2018

Saraiki Ajrak cultural wear

Saraiki has a rich culture. Many traditional things have become cultural things. After Patca, (it is folk head wear) No more is popular as a folk symbol Than Saraiki Ajrak. Saraiki Ajrak is also called Saraiki Chader or Saraiki Sajrak. The word Sajrak, is Sindhi word. So Saraiki nationalists gave it's name Saraiki Ajrak. It is not same as Chader. Saraiki Ajrak has become very famous after creation. It is recognized in Saraiki Waseb in very quickly. Now it not only symbol of Saraiki culture but also become a part of life style. In politition activity and any public gathering, Celebrities must wear Saraiki Ajrak. It has unique design and color and also available at cloth shops.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Chotki meaning in English

It is starting to write a word of Saraiki daily  with English Translate.  But Some days of weak, will for practice. Let,s start,
1: چھوٹکی
This word is call Chotki.
Meaning of this word in English: ‌?
Tense in Saraiki Language:
چھوٹکی پیسے ہینی ‌؟
Written in Saraiki in English:
Chotki paisay Heni ?
Meaning of Tense in English:
Have you Currency ?

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Unique Roman Saraiki alphabits

Saraiki language has five differents voices. These voices are it's own and these are embodied by five alphabits. In Roman Saraiki alphabits we can indent unique these Saraiki alphabits. Those alphabits, who has voicely comparison same Sindhy alphabits, you can see on their place with Roman Saraiki alphabits in blow table.

Unique Roman Saraiki words
Capital shaplower shapIn Saraiki Language Script

These are Roman Saraiki Alphabits are listed and adapted by IPA. These Roman Saraiki alphabits are adapted internatoin standard but on local level, people write with different alphabits. example,

Roman Saraiki words
Sr,NosEnglish wordsMeaning in Roman Saraiki SnandardMeaning in Roman Saraiki written by localyIn Saraiki Script
2SitƁʊ hBehٻِہہ
4Villagerʄɪ ʈ Jatڄَٹ

In above table, some examples are given to write Roman Saraiki and Saraiki script. In this case, real reason of problem is common people are not aware or they have not any keyboard of PC, tabs and mobile devices to write Roman Saraiki. Therefore we look mistakes to write right method of written. We will also follow this method for save energy and time in next time.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Saraiki Verb سمݨ

Verb : سمݨ

TensesIWeYouHeSheTheyThey Feminine

Saraiki Verbs ونڄݨ

Verb: ونڄݨ

Tenses IWeYouHeSheTheyThey Feminine
Request or Orderونڄاںونڄوںونڄونڄےونڄےونڄنونڄن

Last column of the table is unique form of words. Every verb of Saraiki language has feature like this. Let's look, word is covering itself beautifully to covert into next home in the table. This is gifted by attackers or kings system of past.

Saraiki Verbs آوݨ

Verb: آوݨ

Tenses IWeYouHeSheTheyThey Feminine
Futureامساں، آؤساں، آساںامسوں، آؤسوں، آسوںامسیں، آؤسیں، آسیںامسے، آؤسے، آسیامسی، آؤسی، آسیامسن، آؤسن، آسنامسن، آؤسن، آسن
Request or Orderآواںآوؤںآوآوےآوےآونآون

Some Examples are blew in deffirents Tense. These are compiled with column of the table.

Short Saraiki sentences with English Translate.

Present Indefinite Tense

1: (Sar)میں امداں

(Eng)I come

2: (Sar)اساں امدوں

(Eng) We come.

3: (Sar)توں امدیں

(Eng)You come.

4: (Sar)او امدے

(Eng) He comes.

5: (Sar)او امدی اے

(Eng) She comes.

6: (Sar)او امدن

(Eng)They (Masculine) come.

7: (Sar)او امدیاں ءن

(Eng)They (Feminine) come.

Past Indefinite Tense

1: (Sar) میں آیا ہم

(Eng) I came.

2: (Sar) اساں آئے ہاسے

(Eng) We came.

3: (Sar) توں آیا ہاویں

(Eng) You came.

Saraiki verb چاوݨ

Verb: چاوݨ

Tenses IWeYouHeSheTheyThey Feminine
Request or Orderچاواںچاؤںچاچاوےچاوےچاونچاون
hort Saraiki sentences with English Translate.

Present Indefinite Tense.

1: (Sar) میں چیندا

(Eng) I pick up.

2: (Sar) اساں چیندوں

(Eng) We pick up.

3: (Sar) توں چیندیں

(Eng) You pick up.

4: (Sar) او چیندے

(Eng) He picks up.

5: (Sar)او چیندی اے

(Eng) She picks up.

6: (Sar) او چیندن

(Eng) They pick up.

7: (Sar) او چیندیاں ءٍن

(Eng) They (Feminine) pick up.


1: (Sar) میں چاتا ہم

(Eng) I picked up

2: (Sar) اساں چاتا ہاسے

(Eng) We picked up.

3: (Sar) توں چاتا ہاوی

(Eng) You picked up.

4: (Sar) او چاتا ہس

(Eng) He picked up.

5: (Sar) او چاتی ہس

(Eng) She picked up.

6: (Sar) او چاتا ہنیں

(Eng) They picked up.

7: (Sar) او چاتیاں ہنیں

(Eng) They (Feminine) picked up.

Usage of saraiki word چا ( in Saraiki Roman, Cha) creates beautiful sentences. These sentence are used in agreed sentences. Some Examples are blew.

پاݨی پلا چا

سلام چا کر

روزی چا کر

ادھار چا ݙے

جھاتی پا چا

پڑھ چا

دعا چا کر

مونجھ لہا چا

In these sentences چا (saraiki Roman, Cha) has no it's mean but It is not supported word but It has unique space in these sentences.